Tee & Fairway Divot Repair

Quicker recovery for tee & fairway divots.

Reliable Tee & Fairway
Divot Repair

Tee and fairway divots are the bane of golfers and superintendents alike. Having filled quite a few divots in our time, we know that tee and fairway divot repair and management programs are an integral part of golf course maintenance.

Our divot repair blends are used for topdressing fairway and tee box divots as well as sports fields. We can blend our sands with COMAND® to create a divot mix or sports field mix that will hold more moisture and supply nutrients to the soil for quicker recovery. The blends come in shades of green and brown to blend with your turf. Check out our options below.

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Tee & Fairway Divot Sands

Tee Sand

Texas Sports Sands' standard tee sand is our most affordable tee and fairway repair filler. This natural tan sand is great when you're looking for a way to fill divots on a budget. Our tee sand can be blended with COMAND® to provide quicker divot repair.

Green Divot Sand

If you're looking for sand that blends with your turf while repairing divots, then you need our green divot sand. This sand blend is dyed with green, non-hazardous pigment for consistent, permanent color all the way through. It's a visually pleasing fix until nature runs its course on your golf course.

Divot Sand with COMAND®

We can blend any of our divot sands with COMAND® to provide the fastest recovery time for your turf. COMAND® is an all-natural compost product packed with a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms that helps your turf fight disease, absorb nutrients, breakdown thatch and retain moisture.

Need divot repair sand to keep your course smooth and on par?