Natural, cost-effective compost for sustainable playing surfaces.

COMAND® Compost

Texas Sports Sands is the exclusive Texas supplier of COMAND compost, a superior natural topdressing and soil builder that is quickly replacing peat as the compost blend of choice. This product is selectively screened to both 1/4” and 1/8” sizes depending on the job requirements and can be used to create “USGA” rootzones for both golf courses and sports fields.

Both sizes can be used in new construction and topdressing. COMAND has been inoculated with a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms and has been shown to reduce nematode populations and suppress turfgrass diseases in third-party studies.

This means that this all-natural product will help your turf fight disease, take in more nutrients, breakdown thatch and enhance your water management.

This product is sold in bulk or 1-yard super sacks. We also offer landscape bedding material for use in annual color plantings. We can also create a custom blend with COMAND so you get the right mix for your turf.

COMAND Compost

Ready to add COMAND to your turf management program?

University of Florida COMAND® Research Study

In 2015, the University of Florida conducted a study to test the performance of turf grown in a rootzone mix of COMAND against a traditional rootzone mix with sphagnum peat.

Researchers created multiple replications of microplots in 8″ diameter PVC pipes planted with Tifway Bermuda sprigs. Three different rootzone mixes were added to the microplots at a depth of 12″, and 250 sting nematodes were introduced in each plot. The three rootzone ratios were as follows:

  • 85:15 ratio sand/peat
  • 80:20 ratio sand/COMAND
  • 60:40 ratio sand/COMAND

The Results COMAND® Attention


Increase in Grow-In

In the study, the plot groups treated with 20% and 40% COMAND filled in faster than plots with traditional peat mixes.


Increase in Root Length

Six months after initial treatment, plot groups with 20% and 40% COMAND had root lengths 55% and 80% longer than traditional peat plots.


Reduction in Nematode Density

One year after initial treatment, plot groups treated with 20% and 40% COMAND had a 95% reduction in nematode population densities when compared to plots treated with peat.

Improves Soil Structure

Organic matter is critical to rootzone structural stability. COMAND supports strong root structure by improving friability, porosity and water permeability.

Water Conservation

COMAND maintains percolation rates, supports water conservation, increases drought resistance and reduces the frequency and intensity of irrigation required for healthy turf.

Reduces Thatch

Thatch is the enemy of healthy turf. It restricts water percolation and air flow. COMAND supplies fungi and Actinomycetes (enzyme-producing bacteria) to the soil, which consumes and converts thatch into humus that makes nutrients available to healthy turf.

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