Custom Blending

Get the right blend every time.

Custom Blending

Texas Sports Sands can custom blend projects of any size. Our blender has the capacity to produce up to 50 tons per hour and is small enough to get into tight spaces. This means you will no longer  have to bucket blend sands and soils together. Our custom blending machine is faster and more thorough than bucket blending methods, producing consistent blends every time. No other supplier in Texas and Oklahoma has the capability to create both small and large batch custom blends.

We can create custom rootzone mixes, bunker sands, topdressing sands, volleyball sands and custom soil blends to meet your job requirements.

Consistent Blend

We get the custom sand blend right every time because we come to your site. There's no guesswork needed.

Get the Right Amount

We custom blend for jobs of any size. If you need to match a blend for a single bunker or need a topdressing that meets the unique challenges of managing your greens, our machine can get the job done.

Cost Effective

We can blend small batches on-site, which means you don't have to bulk order and store the leftovers to get the blend you need.

Let us help you create the perfect custom blend for your project.

Products Available for Custom Blending


Bunker Sands

Choose from six tried and true blends.


Beach Volleyball

Clay, rock & silt-free blends ranging from trainers to jumpers.


Topdressing Sands

Superior water percolation & soil aeration.

COMAND Compost


Turbocharged, natural compost for healthy soil.


Tee & Fairway Divot

Nutrient-packed ficx for divots.

Gravel for Golf Courses and Sports Fields

Gravel & More

Peat moss, topsoil & gravel.


Sports Fields Sands

We have blend for every sport.