Topdressing Sands

Topdressing sands for improved firmness, water retention and playability.

Topdressing Sands For
Better Greens

Topdressing your greens is one of the most important aspects of turf management. This is the area of the golf course that makes or breaks a golfer's game, and we take that very seriously.

All Texas Sports Sands topdressing sands meet USGA specifications for particle size and range in usage from finer particle size for light topdressing of tight canopies to coarser particle size for filling aerification holes and increasing air porosities within your greens.  Some of our sands are kiln dried and can be pumped into silos for storage or bagged into supersacks for ease of handling so you're never out of topdressing.

If your course requires a specific topdressing mix, we can custom blend our topdressing sands with amendments to fit the unique needs of your terrain.

Golf Course

Why Texas Sports Sands Topdressing Sand?

Improved Smoothness

Our sand topdressings fill the voids within between turfgrass leaves and stems to provide smoother and truer putts.

Increased Firmness

Sand topdressing and aeration improves surface firmness and resiliency by reducing the organic matter in the rootzone that creates spongy playing conditions.

Thatch Dilution

Topdressing sands help dilute the layer of organic debris, stems, crowns and roots in the upper rootzone – thatch – to maintain good turf quality.

Ready to topdress & improve your course?