DryJect Aeration

One pass aeration ready for play in 1 hour.

One Pass Aeration & Topdressing
Ready for Play in 1 hour

Imagine a machine that can aerate, inject 500 to 700 lbs of topdressing per 1,000 sq ft and have greens ready for play all in one hour? This is now a reality with DryJect.

Aeration is a critical and costly part of turf management. Traditional core aeration is time consuming and can limit play for up to 10 days, which causes a lot of frustration and missed revenue.

DryJect relieves compaction, increase water filtration, reach the root zone with oxygen and amend your soil all at the same time, leaving the surface smooth and playable in one hour.

Greens and sports fields can be amended and topdressed with any topdressing sand or custom blends of sands and COMAND® compost.


Ready For Play
in 1 Hour

There is no additional down time. Your greens are ready for play as soon as we complete a single pass. The average time for a putting green is 1 hour from start to completion.

High Volume Amendment
Without Surface Disruption

DryJect's patented Venturi process provides water-powered, three-dimensional aeration that relieves compaction and opens the soil for air, water and amendments without disrupting the playing surface.

Keep Play & Revenue
Flowing While Aerating

You can keep your golf course open while you aerate. This means you won't have to miss out on revenue while performing routine aeration maintenance.

Ready to save time & money with DryJect?

DryJect Fast Facts

  • 500-700 lbs of topdressing
    per 1,000 sq ft

  • 2.5 tons of sand and 1 green per hour per machine

  • 1/2 the cost of alternative aeration technologies

  • 3-dimensional aeration, side to side & front to back

Featured Dryject Aeration Projects

We provide DryJect services to the most revered sports teams and golf courses in Texas and Oklahoma. We've completed projects for professional and collegiate sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys, FC Dallas, Oak Tree National and Dallas Country Club. Take a look at a few of our most recent projects.

Learn more about how DryJect can have your turf aerated & ready for play.


How soon will my field or greens be ready for play after the DryJect service is complete?

The area will be ready for play immediately. Typically, light sweeping is all the is required to have a smooth, clean playing surface that's ready for action.

What are the advantages of using the DryJect service over traditional aeration?

  • Cost-effective. The DryJect service doesn't interrupt play, and greens are playable within one hour. This means that you won't miss out on revenue while you aerate, amend and topdress. The Dryject machine and its operator do much of the heavy lifting, lowering labor costs and freeing up your maintenance staff to work on other projects.
  • Convenient. Aerate, topdress and amend in one pass. 
  • Virtually undetectable. There is very little surface disruption and minimal clean up required.
  • Effective. Up to 11" aeration holes, on sports turf or greens, are filled completely in a single pass with up to 700 lbs of topdressing per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Results You Can See. A quick pass with DryJect can relieve stressed areas during playing season when your greens need it the most.
  • Versatile. The machine is adjustable to meet the needs of your soil type and compaction level. The depth can be adjusted between 2"-11" while the width for aeration spacing can be adjusted between 2"-6".

Where can it be used?

  • Golf Courses: Greens, Tee Boxes, Fairways, Approaches & High-Traffic Locations
  • Sports Turf: Football and Soccer fields as well as Baseball and Softball Outfields
  • General Commercial Landscaping Areas
  • Any Mostly Flat Soil Surface

Is DryJect expensive?

No, it's cost effective to operate, and golf courses see increased revenue by eliminating the necessary downtime associated with traditional aeration methods.

Can I use the DryJect service to apply soil amendments?

Yes. Most dry soil amendments smaller than 2mm can be applied at a predetermined depth while injecting water by varying the blast duration.