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Texas Sports Sands is proud to announce it has teamed with Mayer Materials to offer its newest line of products to the market.  Our Comand Compost is selectively screened to both ¼” and 1/8” sizes depending on the job requirements.  These products can be used to create “usga” rootzones for both golf courses and sports fields.  Both can be used in new construction as well as topdressing as the 1/8” compost is small enough to use as topdressing on finely cut ultradwarf and bentgrass greens.  Both composts have been inoculated with a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms and has been shown in studies to reduce nematode populations and suppress turfgrass diseases.  These products are available exclusively through Texas Sports Sands and are sold in both bulk and 1 yard super sacks.  Mayer also produces landscape bedding material for use in annual color plantings.

For more information or if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact the office or sales representative for your territory located on the contacts page.


Comand Compost 1/8” Screened
Comand Compost ¼” Screened